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At South Aiken Baptist Christian School, we are ever mindful of our students' safety on campus.


  • School has published and practiced Emergency Action Plan. 

  • All doors, except the Main Entrance, including classroom doors, are locked at ALL TIMES.

  • Our Main Entrance allows a person to enter a waiting area and must sign-in with office personnel, before being manually let into the school building, if required. 

  • A robust camera system monitors campus and notifies front office staff of those entering and exiting building. 

  • Administration attends training to bring best safety practices back to teachers and staff. 

  • Teachers are equipped with radios and classroom alert systems. 

  • Teachers have the ability to call drills themselves if they witness any suspicious activity. 

  • Principal and other office staff circulate campus throughout day monitoring safety measures. 

Want more information on school safety measures or about how to get your child enrolled for the 2023-24 school year? Contact us here

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