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How Can I Help?

There is always something to do around SABCS.

This page was designed for those of you who ask, "How can I help?"

Send questions to:

  • (Completed-Thank you, Mr. Naylor) Remove tree limb from the back of the elementary playground.

  • (Completed-Thank you, Wayne) Run speaker wire / internet cable in the attic. 

  • Clean out the underbrush outside the back fence on the elementary playground.

  • Cut back the limbs behind the modular building.

  • Trim shrubs and bushes on fence lines/Hamilton Drive entrance.

  • (Completed-Thank you, JP)Clean out the fenced-in drain area on the kindergarten playground.

  • Pressure wash/Clean:

    • Awning​

    • Sidewalks

    • Campus signs

  • (Completed-Thank you, Mrs. Mallory) Paint exterior doors in the Preschool hallway. We have the supplies.

  • Clean gutters... or, vendor suggestions.

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