What will we do before the students come back on August 10th?

We have been working very hard to learn and prepare for best practices for the return of our students, faculty, and staff. The best practices include:

  • Decreased Class Sizes
  • Desks arranged for social distancing
  • Water fountains will be turned off
  • Send Guidelines to families
  • Have waivers signed to acknowledge guidelines
  • Place signage around the campus
  • Classroom Sanitization logs
  • Provide hand sanitizing stations around campus
  • Train teachers on safety and hygiene measures
  • Employ a full-time custodian

Will every student and teacher’s temperature be checked daily?

We encourage parents to check their child(ren)s’ temperatures before they leave home. Our nurse will monitor student temperatures during the school day, and faculty and staff will self-check their temperatures daily upon arrival. Students who exhibit the following conditions will not be allowed to enter the building:

  • Internal temperature of more than 100.4 degrees
  • No flu/viral like symptoms

What will happen if a student or staff member has a fever or other symptoms?

Should a student, faculty, or staff member have a fever or other symptoms, he/she will be assessed by the nurse immediately. If the nurse deems necessary, the student will be placed in an isolation area. The parent/guardian will be called and expected to pick the student up immediately. Faculty and Staff members will be sent home immediately. The families of the students in that class/grade level will be notified of CONFIRMED cases of COVID-19. The student’s classroom will be sanitized. Students, faculty, and staff must be cleared by a medical professional before returning. If COVID-19 testing is required by the medical professional:

  1. Negative result/diagnosis - he/she must be fever-free for 24 hours without medication before being allowed to return.
  2. Positive result - he/she must follow quarantine procedures as directed by a physician.

What if my child is quarantined?

If a student is quarantined, distance Learning will be available to make sure that the student stays on target. Arrangements for tests will be made during the quarantine or upon return. The student will not be allowed participate in any extracurricular activities with the school and may return after the proper quarantine CDC/DHEC protocol.

What will the classrooms be like?

We have reduced the size of our classes so that desks could be arranged for social distancing. When social distancing is not possible, the teacher will have the students wear their masks. Each classroom will have a sanitization log for the teachers and custodian to record times of sanitization throughout the day.

Will visitors be allowed?

Outside visitors will only be allowed as far as the front lobby. Visitors will not be allowed at lunch or chapel until further notice.

What about after school and carlines?

Students will be required to leave the building at their dismissal bell of 3:00 and 3:15, and masks will be required in carlines where social distancing is not possible.

How will lunches be handled?

Students will be required to wash their hands and sanitize before lunch. They may bring their own lunch or order pre-packaged entrees. Proper social distancing will be practiced, and additional lunch areas will be open… pavilion, classroom, gym, outdoors, etc.

What about recess and exploratories?

It is important for the children to get out of the classroom. Therefore, outdoor recess and exploratory activities will be as close to “normal” as possible. All equipment, supplies, and rooms will be sanitized after each use.

Will the middle and high school students use lockers?

Lockers will not be used for the first few weeks of school. Once restrictions have been lifted, we will determine a staggered locker schedule.

Will we have chapel?

Weekly Chapel Worship time is very important at SABCS. To better social distance the students, we will move our chapel services to the gym. The chapel area in the gym will be sanitized before and after each chapel. Until further notice, visitors will not be allowed to attend. If necessary, we will go to a virtual chapel which the students will enjoy from their classrooms.

Will we have athletics?

Our Athletic Director is following the SCISA guidelines closely on all aspects of team sports. For athletes, we will have a designated area for them to drop off their sports bags and equipment. They should not access those items during the school day.

What if my student needs after school tutoring?

Arrangements should be made with the teacher. Masks will be worn by the student and teacher unless social distancing is possible.

What can I do to prepare for the school year?

  1. Parents should use a positive attitude to prepare your child that things may look a little different at school this year.
  2. Obtain face masks for your child(ren) and a lanyard or ribbon for the student to wear to help him/her keep up with masks. Get several and provide a clean one each day.
  3. Donate cases of bottled water as the water fountains will not be accessible.

Does the school have plans if closing is necessary?

Although we do not anticipate a full school closure, we want to have a plan. PHASE B: Should the need arise, we will have our High School students go to full distance learning, so that Pre-kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School students can be further distanced through the campus for continued face-to-face instruction. PHASE C: Upon mandate of school closure by SCISA, all students will move to full distance learning.

Where was guidance obtained on the school’s strategy?

Our Task Force of Medical and Legal Professionals, educators and parents worked to research and review the safest way to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe. These phased accommodations are based on guidelines by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), CDC, state agencies, and SCISA; with acknowledgment that guidelines are subject to change. Flexibility from students, teachers, and parents will be necessary to maintain the health and safety of our school and families.

Will students and teachers wear masks?

Masks will be required for students, faculty and staff when social distancing is not possible, such as hallways, carlines, bathrooms, etc. However, they may be removed in the classroom or where social distancing can be practiced.

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6